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2010_City_Wide_Tables.xls297.50 Kb
2010_Community_Tables.xls845.00 Kb
2010_Ward_Tables.xls328.00 Kb
2010_census_result_book.pdf5.31 Mb
2011_City_Wide_Tables.xls302.50 Kb
2011_Community_Tables.xls894.50 Kb
2011_Ward_Tables.xls325.00 Kb
2011_census_result_book.pdf6.73 Mb
2012 City Tables.pdf194.32 Kb
2012 City Tables.xlsx210.93 Kb
2012 Community Tables.pdf306.17 Kb
2012 Community Tables.xlsx362.90 Kb
2012 Terms and Definitions.pdf33.75 Kb
2012 Ward Tables.pdf82.33 Kb
2012 Ward Tables.xlsx325.24 Kb
2013 City Tables.pdf189.19 Kb
2013 City Tables.xlsx231.21 Kb
2013 Community Tables.pdf705.16 Kb
2013 Community Tables.xlsx135.44 Kb
2013 Ward Tables.pdf226.72 Kb
2013 Ward Tables.xlsx227.20 Kb
2014 Census Terms and Definitions.pdf78.46 Kb
2014_City Wide Tables.pdf633.56 Kb
2014_City Wide.xlsx186.84 Kb
2014_Community Tables.pdf903.23 Kb
2014_Community.xlsx255.31 Kb
2014_Ward Tables.pdf14.36 Mb
2014_Ward.xlsx176.49 Kb
2015 Census Terms and Definitions.pdf112.77 Kb
2015 City Wide Tables.xlsx298.61 Kb
2015 Community Tables.xlsx499.34 Kb
2015 Ward Tables.xlsx305.49 Kb
2016-Census-Results-Book.pdf7.90 Mb
2016-Census-Results-City-Wide-Tables.pdf973.22 Kb
2016-Census-Results-City-Wide-Tables.xlsx238.98 Kb
2016-Census-Results-Community-Tables.pdf1.52 Mb
2016-Census-Results-Community-Tables.xlsx565.33 Kb
2016-Census-Results-Ward-Tables.pdf5.10 Mb
2016-Census-Results-Ward-Tables.xlsx288.55 Kb
CALGIS_CENSUS_WARD_2011.zip318.69 Kb
Final 2012 Census Results book.pdf7.60 Mb
Final 2014 Census Results book.pdf15.97 Mb
Final 2015 Census Results book.pdf7.09 Mb
Historical Civic Census, by Community, 1978-2012 FOIP.xlsx2.00 Mb